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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who do I admire?

The person that I admire in my life is my mother, a woman who is extremely strong and who has given to me the support and love that I need to go through in a long journey of my life. She is the one that is always there if I need her, we have been always more than a mother and daughter, we are real good friends. My mom had me when she was seventeen, and today is her 37th anniversary. Although, I admire her I would never see me living the same life that she had, she got married when she was seventeen and I believe that when she was my age 36 years old she already had four children, she took care of us at home until I were 12 years old and than she started working at a health care facility, so she could help my dad financially at home. She went through a lot of difficulties, but always believing that better days would come, consequently my brothers started to work also when they were fourteen years old so they could help at home at least with a little thing like paying for the PGE. When we were young she always divided the house chores such as cleaning the stove or dishes or even cooking. According, to her it would make us become a good householder in case she wasn't there to do things for ourselves and if we didn't have the money to pay people to clean. She always helped us doing our homework, I remember that we had to memorize the math tables in our bedroom and we shouldn't leave there until we knew it. Consequently, I believe that she reached her goal which was to make us honest people knowing that if we wanted to be successful we had to study and work as hard as we could and she always should say "honor your color."

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  1. Lucilene, your mother sounds like a remarkable woman. I am sure she is vbery proud of you. You have indeed done much to honor her. Jeanne