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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Easter means "Pascoa"  in Portuguese, and also the passage of slavery to liberty. It's the biggest party for Christians because it celebrates the passage of Jesus Christ from this world to our Father, from death to life,  from darkness to light.
It comes after Lent to culminate on Easter vigil.
Here are some significant symbols to the catholic church:
Easter Egg_ life's existence is connected to the egg, it symbolizes the birth.
Easter's bunny _ even though bunnies doesn't lay eggs it brings the eggs, and it became a symbol for it's capacity of having a lot of baby rabbits. Tradition that initiated in German decades ago.
The cross of rebirth_ it translate at the same time suffering and rebirth.
The lamb_ symbolizes Christ, which is the lamb's God sacrifice for it's horde.
The bread and wine_ at the last supper, Jesus choice was bread and wine to represent his body and blood, and gave it to his disciples to celebrate the eternity life.
In Brazil the kids make their own easter nest, so at early in the morning the bunnies can bring and ride the chocolate's eggs, so they can find it when they wake up. The nest is made of rattan, wood or cardboard and filled with  ripped paper in pieces or straw.
Besides, it's a tradition to parents to buy the Easter eggs, it became a huge commercial on the Easter time in Brazil, consequently it's a really good time for the chocolate factory to make a fortune, because everybody wants to give it to their children, nieces or nephews and it's not so cheap we buy it by it's size as the size of the egg increase it becomes more and more expensive. In particular my parents never had money to buy eggs when I was a child, but we used to go to church to celebrate, when our financial situation got a little bit better we could buy one big egg and share it between our family members. Now that things are better and I try to give the eggs to the closest children of our family.

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